Milan - Presentation of my work at PoliMi

Presentation slides and code for my talk in Milan, Italy.

As part of my Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) to Pr. Vittorio Degli Esposti’s lab in UniBo, I made a stopover in Milan. Below you can find my slides, made during the train journey by combining previous presentations, as well as the code to reproduce them locally.

I am very much grateful to Nicola Di Cicco for inviting me for a small talk (in the hope to start new collaborations), as well as the COST Interact action for funding this STSM!


The following slides are made with RevealJS and are interactive!

Use basic keys like LEFT and RIGHT to navigate through slides, or F to go full screen.

The slides were generated using the Manim (The Manim Community Developers, 2022) animation engine and Manim Slides (Eertmans, 2023), one of my open source projects, to combine the animations into slides and later convert them in a RevealJS .html file.


My presentation was recorded, so you can watch it on YouTube:


  1. The Manim Community Developers. (2022). Manim – Mathematical Animation Framework (Version v0.17.2).
  2. Eertmans, J. (2023). Manim Slides: A Python package for presenting Manim content anywhere. Journal of Open Source Education, 6(66), 206.

Source code

Available on GitHub: _slides/2023-07-17-siegen-presentation/

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.