ADE Scheduler

A webapp for UCLouvain’s ADE scheduling tool.

ADE Scheduler is an open source project created by three former UCLouvain students, two friends and I, to offer a user-friendly and more convenient experience to every student (and professor) in need of plannings activities.


At UCLouvain, where I studied engineering and where I’m currently pursuing my PhD, we use a calendar web planner that we call “ADE”.

Its name comes from the company that provides the service, Adesoft.

In fact, ADE is more or less a database service with convenient features to manipulate university events, and the company provides a basic web interface to view a given course’s schedule. I must insist on basic. It has no color to differentiate different events, it cannot export calendars to iCal links, events cannot filtered out (which is a shame when classes have duplicated pratical sessions, for example), and so on. For more details, check out the comparison table on the GitHub repository.

As a result, two friends and I created, during our 3rd year in engineering (August 2019), ADE Scheduler, an alternative that strives to be much more user-friendly, while providing more features too, than the default web application. Very rapidly, we received a lot of attention from students and professors, such that received dedicated resources from the university’s informatic department to host our server.

In January 2023, after many updates, ADE Scheduler had over 10 000 accounts12 created in 12 months3, and thousands of daily users.

  1. The is roughly one third of the UCLouvain’s population (students). 

  2. Using ADE Scheduler does not require creating an account, but creating offers additional features such as synchronization between devices. 

  3. In January 2022, the number of users was reset because we started to use the UCLouvain OAuth method. 

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.